The Rake - Part 2

February 8, 2023

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You've made it to the next installment of the exciting saga that is The Rake! When last we left this tale, I was stewing over my lack of Sculpey skill and refinement. Vowing revenge on oven-bake clay, and perhaps the sculpting world as a whole, I set about designing my vengeance in the form of a digital model!

A dish best served moderately pliable and slightly oily...

My first step was to to prepare a righteous dress down of subscription based software, as I knew my future held ridiculous upgrade/subscription fees due to not using (or even loading) ZBrush for many years. To my absolute surprise, I was able to upgrade my old ZBrush 4R5, initially purchased in 2012, to the new 2022 version free of charge! Thus saving you, gentle reader, from my software pricing screed... for now at least.

The next step was really the last step, which was making the model. Luckily the countless hours of 2010's ZBrushing appears to have indelibly scarred my mind, and after a clunky start (along with some internet searches) those old skills were readily dredged up from the murky depths of my gray matter. Let's jump right in to the obligatory creation process images...

Initial armature built using z-spheres, no puncture wounds from shaping coat hangers this time!
Low polygon model after some rough sculpting
High polygon model after lots more sculpting

For those who just can't get enough of The Rake 3D model, here is an interactive turntable from Sketchfab:

While this may seem like the end of The Rake, there is still an tiny bit more to squeeze from this horrid abomination. Stay tuned for the third and final installment, in which I will pit a 3D PRINT of The Rake against its hand-sculpted doppelgänger in a no holds barred SmackDown!

Owen Soule

Published February 8, 2023