The Rake - Part 3

February 17, 2023

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The end is nigh! Ready yourself for the ultimate installment of The Rake odyssey! Having made a Sculpey The Rake and a ZBrush The Rake, the time has come to toss them in a ring and release their combined fury in a Royal Rake Rumble!

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

The combatants enter the ring and size each other up, with neither willing to show too much of their animalistic frenzy in these opening moments of the bout.

They back away from the center of the ring, each gesticulating wildly at their opponent, with the tension in the battle zone reaching a fevered pitch.

Suddenly, they turn to the audience, their strange movements having betokened an insidious pact to fight, not among themselves, but rather attack the braying audience who mock and ridicule them! The horror!

As quickly as they began, the unspeakable acts of these monstrosities come to an end, The Rakes, turning in unison, depart the area. The expanse of grotesque gore and carnage they have sown here today will surely go down in history as a warning to man against the perils of cryptid blood-sports. No matter who wins, humanity loses!

Owen Soule

Published February 17, 2023