Figuary 2024

February 29, 2024

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To continue my tradition of Soule Designs annual traditions, it's time once more for Figuary! As per usual, I'll borrow some of my excellently crafted prose from a prior year to explain this endeavor:

The challenge of Figuary is setting aside time each day to draw. The goal is to show you, the artist, how daily practice can improve drawing skill. Luckily, it isn't that big of a daily time commitment with most figure drawing sessions running just shy of 15 minutes in length. Each morning in February a new video is posted to the Croquis Cafe and breaks down like so: (3) 1 minute poses, (2) 2 minute poses, (1) 5 minute pose

Tools of the Figuary trade: sketchbook, lead holders, sharpener & various erasers

Like last year, I did the initial 15 minute drawing sessions and then paused various poses and added a bit more detail. Now on to the drawings...

And that's a solid 29 days of figure drawing! I don't know if I met the stated goal of improving drawing skills through daily practice, but I definitely got more loose with my pencils as the days piled up.

Now that I am free from the grind of daily figure drawing, I can put my energy toward other less figurey endeavors. Keep those eyes open for an ink-based post coming soon...

Owen Soule

Published February 29, 2024