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  • Who Watches the CET?

    Did a bit of work today on the "couch" end table - I'm thinking of adopting an acronym for this build so from here on out I reserve the right to intermittently reference CET when discussing this …

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  • Why Ask Why? Table Fitted Dry!

    I arrived at the workshop early yesterday and finally cut the tenons on my aprons using the mighty green tenoning jig. I picked this up a month or so ago from Woodcraft and until this point had only …

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  • Gone in Sixty Seconds

    After a whole lotta chiseling the leg notches were completed today - the great thing about my photo album cataloging this project is the notches will appear to have been completed all in one day! …

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  • Notch, notch...go f#@k yourself

    Ah yes, the weekend is upon us again and that means it was time to fire up ye olde Soule Designs Workshop for a little woodworking action...notch style.  We now join the "couch" end table saga, …

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  • Papa's Got a Brand New Jig

    I set aside time after work tonight to make use of a nifty plunge router jig I built over the weekend.  This jig, outlined here, makes plunge routing mortises a breeze. As you may or may not be able …

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  • Inaugural Entry

    Welcome to this the inaugural entry for Soule Designs!  I'm starting this blog to catalog my current woodworking project, a Shaker inspired "couch" end table, but in time this blog may turn into a …

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