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  • Steve Huston Advanced Head Drawing

    We return once more to the world of art instruction for the second and final installment of this series cataloging Steve Huston's constructive head drawing course over at New Masters Academy. If you …

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  • Steve Huston Beginning Head Drawing

    I know what you’re thinking, “Hasn’t this dude written ad nauseam about drawing styles and various instructor’s methodologies?” The answer to that is a resounding “Yes!”… but there is always room for …

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  • Bizzaro Inspiration

    Get ready for the strange tale of a drawing inspired by an action figure that was inspired by a DC comic created by a toy company owned by a man who drew Spiderman! First, let’s meet the toy, it’s …

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  • Trio of Teen Titans Villains

    Nothing much to see here, just a trio of Teen Titans villains! Aaaah! Run for your lives!

    Villains unfurled on my drawing desk... the terror!

    Now that I’ve whetted your appetite …

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  • Bridge Life

    You're totally late to the bridge life craze that swept the covid-19 wasteland of summer 2020. Don’t worry, you'll be all caught up soon and ready to slap that #BridgeLife sticker on your vehicle and …

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  • Shaker Hanging Shelf

    Ah yes, that rare unicorn of the Soule Designs forest has finally returned after years of hibernation, the elusive woodworking blog post! This is a pretty small project, just enough to tackle in my …

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