Dr. Orpheus

He will cleft your soul in twain!

  • Final Composition

    Final composition of the Dr. Orpheus sculpt, rendered in ZBrush.

  • Concept Sketch

    Concept sketch for the sculpt, I tend to draw my ideas first before jumping right into ZBrush.

  • Work In Progress 1

    I sculpted out the head first, then began roughing in the body as shown here.

  • Head Refined

    This was the second iterator of his head, the first looked a bit odd and did not portray the correct "scream-ish" quality.

  • Work In Progress 2

    The body has been greatly refined here, with a ton of different subtools added in for the various pieces of clothes. Next came the posing using Transpose Master.

  • Character Strip

    Character strip for the Dr. Orpheus model, flowing cape from every possible angle.

Project Description

Yes, it is he, Dr. Orpheus, seer into the beyond and necromancer extraordinaire.   I chose Dr. Orpheus as a muse because he is my second favorite doctor from the animated series Venture Bros.   My first would be Dr. Henry Killinger, but for some reason I opted against sculpting him.   I suspect it had something to do with soul clefting, but I can't recall specifics right now.

For more detail on this project check my blog.

Project Details
Date July 2013
Categories Sculpture
Software Adobe Photoshop
Pixologic ZBrush