Ghost Dog

Sculpt of the Samurai

  • Ghost Dog Final

    The final render, I stumbled on this underlight setup and wound up really liking it!

  • Ghost Dogs

    Various angles of the bust

  • Ghost Dog in ZBrush

    The Ghost Dog bust inside of ZBrush

  • Reference Sheet

    My reference sheet when sculpting the bust

Project Description

Before he was The Butler, Forest Whitaker was Ghost Dog, a man who lived by the code of the samurai, mercilessly killed Mafia contracts, and had a penchant for pigeon keeping. Oh, I almost forget the best parts: he rocked cornrows, liked Wu-Tang Clan, and could shoot off contemplative stares for minutes on end.

I recall seeing Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai on Blockbuster shelves back in the day, back when Blockbuster had shelves and stores, but I never rented it or thought more about it until last week when it suddenly popped into my head. While contemplating who would make a good muse for a ZBrush bust, I saw something related to Forest Whitaker on the tube and from there made the leap to Ghost Dog.

Project Details
Date March 2014
Categories Sculpture
Software Adobe Photoshop
Pixologic ZBrush