Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of DEATH!

  • Jack and Jill - Page 1
  • Jack and Jill - Page 2
  • Rough Pencils
  • Tightened Pencils
  • Inked
Project Description

This is a two page comic I created while working through an assignment in the book Drawing Words & Writing Pictures.   The panels attempt to capture all these various comic panel transitions:

  • Moment to moment - slow motion between two panels
  • Action to action - beginning and end of an action, not all steps
  • Subject to subject - one scene moves between characters or objects, furthers narrative
  • Aspect to aspect - one scene moves between characters or objects but does not further narrative, adds depth
  • Scene to scene - scene change, new place or time
  • Symbolic - nonliteral, character state of mind or visual metaphor
  • Non sequitur - defies closure, doesn’t fit into the story
Project Details
Date March 2016
Categories Illustration
Software Clip Studio Paint