Salvation Army Lass

This doughnut dolly is serving up pain!

  • Completed Sculpt - Front
  • Completed Sculpt - 3/4 View
  • Completed Sculpt - Left
  • Completed Sculpt - Back
  • Completed Sculpt - Right
  • Completed Sculpt - Top
  • Facial Studies

    This project started as part of a ZBrush Workshops class, which is why there are facial studies like the above one and also why the figure was detailed even though she would eventually be clothed.

  • Body Rough In

    Body progressing from ZSphere, to low res, to something more defined.

  • Pose Tests

    Trying out a few different poses to get one that works.

  • Concept Paintover

    Base mesh posed and painted over in Photoshop to get a feel for the final composition.

  • Trench Knife

    Trench knife modeled after WWI design, brass knuckles and skull cracker are included with no extra charge!

  • Winchester Model 1897

    Winchester Model 1897 "Trench Sweeper" shotgun modeled in Maya.

  • Accessories

    Maya accessories imported into ZBrush via GoZ and with a bit of color applied to spice them up, opted against color in the final composition.

  • Clothes Rough In

    Roughed in clothes mesh, these were created mostly in ZBrush by manually drawing very low res ZSphere base meshes.

  • Demon Sketch

    Sketch of the demon felled by the Salvation Army lass!

  • Demon Sculpt

    The demon who lays at the feet of the Salvation Army lass in sculpt form.

  • Completed Sculpt - Shocked

    This was the first iterator of the "completed" sculpt, I liked the Ray from Ghostbusters dangling cigarette shocked look, but ultimately abandoned it for more of a pissed off stare.

Project Description

This sculpt was inspired by the Salvation Army women who helped with the war effort during World War I by serving up delicious doughnuts to soldiers.  My take is a kind of militaristic version of the Salvation Army lass.  Rather than frying doughnuts and swinging rolling pins she fries fools with her trench shotgun and swings a skull-cracking trench knife!   The creature at her feet started off as a photoshop paint-over joke, but I liked it so much I sculpted him too.  

This project was part of the Character Creation with Kris Costa course over at UArty, which I highly recommend to anyone interested in digital sculpting.   For more details on this project check my blog.

Project Details
Date February 2014
Categories Sculpture
Software Adobe Photoshop
Autodesk Maya
Pixologic ZBrush